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Who We Are

People from diverse backgrounds, each with their own unique struggles, come together at Castle Carey Clinic to embark on a transformative journey towards recovery. Like the vibrant threads of a tapestry, they intertwine, creating a beautiful mosaic of hope and healing.

Every patient emerges from our treatment programs with a renewed sense of clarity in mind, body, and soul.

"Thanks to Castle Carey, I feel like I'm new and improved...still have tools the clinic helped me with. Thanks again for the change you brought in my life."

Substance abuse has significant economic effects, including reduced productivity, increased absenteeism, financial difficulties, potential job loss, increased crime, and unexpected health expenses. Drug addiction poses significant challenges in South Africa, impacting individuals, families, and communities nationwide. The increasing use of substances like marijuana, methemphatemines, and opioids has led to a rise in crime, poverty rates and health complications – worsening chronic illnesses like AIDS and tuberculosis (TB), as well as increased rates of injury and premature death.

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Our Rules & Regulations

A summary of our policies and processes

Treatment Duration

4 – 6 Week in-patient program. (Medical Aid Funds 21 or 24 Days. No-co-payment for the additional days.)

Drug Addiction Admissions

Assessments from 8am – 12am. Patients from far can be admitted after 2pm or on weekends.

60 Years of Age

Patients above 60 yrs of age must submit medical report from a GP with current physical health conditions.

Payment Methods

Cash payment upon admission, Medical Aid Authorization, 


No visists allowed for patients in first 2 weeks of treatment. Visitors allowed during 3rd week of treatment.

Phone Calls

No phone calls to patients within first 7 days of treatment will be allowed. Call us for more info.

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